Things To Know About Press Release Marketing

Press release marketing involves providing written and recorded information to the news media in the hopes of attracting favourable media attention.  Press release marketing is an important aspect of public relations or PR.  Press release marketing approaches can be through mail, fax, or e-mail.

In press release marketing, the advertisers aim to provide publicity for particular product/s or service/s being marketed by the client.  Press release marketing basically requires providing an information subsidy; that is, instead of a reporter having to research all the basic information needed to develop a news story, the data is simply provided.

Press release marketing can target certain news items such as a scheduled event, new products and services, sales and other accomplishments, etc. Typically, press releases were given to the media for the purpose of generating a feature story or to serve as an announcement for upcoming events.

Press release marketing is not just limited to text; some public relations firms sent out video news releases or VNRs and send them out to TV stations.  Alternatively, these VNRs can simply be uploaded to the internet and published, making them available to anyone who can search and access them.  A good VNR (or one that is at least minimally credible) appears uncontrived— the viewer should have the impression that the VNR he is watching has been produced by an independent.  To do this, the video content needs to project an objective quality of reporting.

As the internet gains prominence, it has effected a considerable impact on press release marketing as well, allowing even small businesses and individuals to execute more cost-effective marketing campaigns.  Nonetheless, despite this evolution, press release marketing still retain some of the traditional requirements:

  1. Know the audience that you target Since, strictly speaking, a press release is meant to address members of the media, gear the information included to suit their purpose.  Also consider that there are investors and consumers who can read or view  your announcements online.
  2. Have a distinct tone and voice that is consistent with your brand image. While your competition may be marketing similar products and services, you will need to differentiate yourself to gain an edge over others.
  3. Define your purpose in executing press release marketing; it can be so much more than just a means of conveying information.  A press release can be complimented by other forms of publicity such as viral PR.

And finally, understand that you will need to adapt your content to the format that you will be using for press releases.

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